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[audio]20130503 172706
Keywords: permaculture
Downloads: 7
[audio]OP4 Narration+music
my OP4 narration
Keywords: permaculture
Downloads: 4
[audio]ETC Voices Podcast 011 - Paul and Merry
Permaculture apprentice Paul and ETC innkeeper Merry fill in for regular host KMO.
Keywords: permaculture
Downloads: 77
[audio]ETC Voices Podcast 012 - KMO
Paul interviews Mario, an ETC "eco-soaker" about his week on the Farm, and KMO talks with Gregory Landua about permaculture and about the philosophical distinction between the principles that guide the ETC and how they differ from the guiding ethic of the larger Farm community.
Keywords: permaculture
Downloads: 127
[audio]Raw Feed Jesse Coabc Conference
For Jesse
Keywords: permaculture
Downloads: 1
[audio]ETC Voices 13 - KMO
KMO talks with Gregory Landua about an upcoming permaculture design course to be held on the Farm in September 2010. Later, KMO and Merry enjoy a private concert by Sugaree and John Henry recorded in the Green Dragon.
Keywords: permaculture
Downloads: 27
[audio]To The Permies - Travis Warner
My message to the Permaculture and the Permaculture movement.
Keywords: permaculture
Downloads: 32
Keywords: permaculture
Downloads: 79
[audio]paul wheaton permaculture 002 what is permaculture - what is a permaculture design course - paul wheaton
paul wheaton's permaculture podcast What is permaculture? What is a permaculture design course?
Keywords: permaculture; urban permaculture; permaculture design course; podcast
Downloads: 3,370
[unknown]Usenet groups within alt.permaculture from giganews.com
Usenet newsgroups within "alt.permaculture", contributed courtesy of giganews.com. These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: alt.permaculture
Downloads: 75
[audio]ETC Voices Podcast 013 - KMO
KMO and Gregory Landua conclude their conversation about the permaculture and the upcoming financial permaculture course to be held on the Farm in September 2010. Later, KMO plays music and conversation recorded in the Green Dragon at the Ecovillage Training Center with Sugaree and John Henry.
Keywords: permaculture; music
Downloads: 62
[audio]Episode 251 - Travis Warner
Growing Freedom Podcast Episode 251 - The podcast is back, updates and more.
Keywords: gardening; permaculture
Downloads: 22
[audio]ETC Voices Podcast 015 - KMO
KMO talks with two ETC permaculture apprentices about how their desire to live close to the land has created a rift between them and their families. Later, Jason Deptula, a wizard in hippie's clothing, describes how his normally harmonious interactions with the muggles of rural Tennessee sometimes takes an odd turn.
Keywords: permaculture; hippies
Downloads: 107
[movies]Permaculture Design
http://www.facebook.com/permaculture.designSome landowners considerputtingconservation easements on their ownland. Aconservation easement, they mightthink, willdevaluethelandanddevaluehow bigtheestatesometimesofdying. This, the landowner hopes, allowstheirbeneficiariesto help keepthe householdfarmorranch-the householdbusiness-in the householdforfuturegenerationxandforfuturedecadesin the future. Therefore, theconservation easement might besomething thatcan helpthe landowner reducecontact withthed...
Keywords: permaculture; permaculture design; permaculture design course; permaculture design class
Downloads: 36
[audio]Permaculture Design Course - Bill Mollison
Permaculture Design Course http://www.tagari.com/
Keywords: Permaculture; Design
Downloads: 2,662 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]The Rap On Permaculture You Tube
http://www.facebook.com/permaculture.designThis is Quail Springs, a community designed according to the principles of permaculture. www.QuailSprings.orgPlease help the spread of permaculture education by sponsoring a student on a Sustainable Vocations course - info@SustainableVocations.orgThe students seen in this video were the Green Ambassadors, an amazing group within the Environmental Charter High School in Lawndale...
Keywords: permaculture design; permaculture design course; permaculture design class
Downloads: 35
[audio]paul wheaton permaculture 005 urban permaculture - paul wheaton
This is from a reader/listener request at the tinkering forum. A focus on urban permaculture. The request in this podcast is to go to my youtube permaculture videos and become my youtube friend. If you like this sort of thing, please check out my permaculture podcast page. Part of what is discussed is raised beds; lawn care; wheaton eco scale; hugelkultur; polyculture; ruth stout method; apple trees; missoula; intentional community; urban farming; rain barrels; Sepp Holzer; Sepp Holzer's sausage...
Keywords: permaculture; urban permaculture; gardening; hugelkultur; podcast
Downloads: 3,031
[audio]Micro Ouvert - Permaculture 2 - - Graziella
Permaculture : http://microouvert.be
Keywords: Micro Ouvert : Permaculture 2
Downloads: 11
[audio]Micro Ouvert - Permaculture 2 - - Graziella
Permaculture 2 : http://microouvert.be
Keywords: Micro Ouvert : Permaculture 2
Downloads: 1
[audio]On the APC10 bus
Spontaneous music from the small bus touring Permaculture properties following the Australian Permaculture Convergence 10, Kuranda, QLD 2010
Keywords: APC10 permaculture
Downloads: 18
[audio]Montreal Permaculture Guild CKUT Radio Interview - charlieo
The Montreal Permaculture Guild is based at MUCS, 2000 Northcliffe, #218, near Metro Vendome in Montreal. In September 2008, I recorded this interview with four members of the group. In this 15 minute interview, Marion, Steve, Heather and Scott talk about what permaculture is, and about what the group does, and why.
Keywords: Montreal; Permaculture; CKUT Radio
Downloads: 110
[movies]Choose the best place to educate yourself about Permaculture
The best place to get information about permaculture is Living Mandala. The purpose of permaculture is to make an environment that is full of energy and the resource to sustain them and grow naturally.
Keywords: Living Mandala; Permaculture Courses
Downloads: 270
[movies]Solar Design
permaculture design - http://www.permaculturedesigntraining.com/It seems like everywhere you go there are people touting the benefits of going green. While this may seem like something that will drastically change your life, it will definitely change things for the better. Make sure to read this article before you attempt to insert solar energy into your life.
Keywords: energy; permaculture; permaculture design; permaculture design class; permaculture design course; green energy; solar energy
Downloads: 17
[audio]paul wheaton permaculture 022 Paul's Pigs - Paul Wheaton
length: 69m Be forewarned that this pod cast has some audio issues that were beyond my technical expertise to repair. Paul and Jocelyn Campbell of jocelynsevents.com use some travel time to talk. The first few minutes or so are about improving visibility of good stuff on the internet such as Paul's lawn care article with mention of Ran Prieur's excellent survival blog. Talk about pigs begins at 11:30 giving us a great overview of what Paul learned by raising and selling organic hogs specific top...
Keywords: permaculture; pigs; offal; acorns
Downloads: 2,602
[audio]Cultural Transition 10-27-10
Another wonderful show.
Keywords: transition; permaculture; resilience
Downloads: 7
Version inglesa con subtitulos en castellano de DESIERTOS, GLOBAL GARDENER
Keywords: permacultura; permaculture; sostenibilidad; sustainability
Downloads: 226
[movies]Masanobu Fukuoka - Arnissa, Greece - 1998
* Masanobu Fukuoka video * Arnissa, Greece - 1998 * Planting 100,000 hectares in trees in the rocky Grecian countryside * Wish I could see the results now! (but nowhere to be found on the net) * transcoded and uploaded by bsanandaATyahooDOTcom * globalcooperativeforumDOTnet
Keywords: Masanobu Fukuoka; permaculture; reforestation
Downloads: 667
[audio]Weeds In Permaculture - Travis Warner
Growing Freedom Podcast: Response to the question: With permaculture, How does one stop unwanted weeds from crowding out Fruits and Vegetables?
Keywords: weeds; permaculture; gardening
Downloads: 108
[movies]Greening The Desert
http://www.facebook.com/permaculture.design WeedResistancea by-product of Monsanto's 'Roundup Farming Revolution' thousands ofmaquiberriesmaqui berry farmerswithin theUSnowfacesimilardifficulties withweedsthat couldwithstandeffectiveherbicides. Scientistsexpressit's becauseof thewealth ofGMcropsthat have beenintroducedinside themidthe19nineties. Monsanto increasedto becomeworldleaderinside theareadue to theintroductionof Roundup-ready cornandsoybeans...
Keywords: energy; permaculture; permaculture design; permaculture design class; permaculture design course; green energy; solar energy
Downloads: 27
[movies]Financial Permaculture
http://www.permaculturedesigntraining.com/course/plants-climates-and-soilsGet the records from your energy company on how much energy you have used in the last five years. You can then use this information to figure out exactly how much power you will need solar energy to provide for you home. Having the past five years is important so that you can see that some years you will need more energy than others.
Keywords: energy; permaculture; permaculture design; permaculture design class; permaculture design course; green energy; solar energy
Downloads: 17
[audio]Micro Ouvert - La permaculture - Graziella
La permaculture :http://microouvert.be
Keywords: Micro Ouvert : La permaculture
Downloads: 58
[movies]Masanobu Fukuoka videos
* Masanobu Fukuoka videos * Fukuoka, experimenter and practioner of natural farming for over 50 years. His principles: 1. NO TILLAGE * 2. NO FERTILIZER (chemical or compost) * 3. NO WEEDING * 4. NO PESTICIDES * author, The One-Straw Revolution (now back in print) * and The Way of Natural Farmng (available at soilandhealthDOTorg) * transcoded, edited and uploaded by bsanandaATyahooDOTcom * globalcooperativeforumDOTnet
Keywords: Masanobu Fukuoka; permaculture
Downloads: 1,216
[texts]PermaCultura en Salgueiron Masso - Antonio Palma Rico
Documento de reflexion, analisis, diagnostico y propuesta, realizado desde la aplicacion de los principios de PermaCultura, para las zonas verdes y areas naturales del espacio de O Salgueiron - Masso. Este documento esta integrado en el Estudio de Usos Publicos de O Salgueiron. Realizado por A Oitava Illa SL para el Concello de Cangas del Morrazo - Pontevedra, Galicia; en diciembre de 2007. Disponible en lengua gallega.
Keywords: permaculture; sustainable development; ecology
Downloads: 357
[movies]Ecopark - Ekopark - The Green Ark
Building and destroying a park based on the principles of the Permaculture in Skopje, Macedonia.
Keywords: ecopark; permaculture; ecology
Downloads: 221
[texts]Clay Oven - Permaship
A step by step guide to building a Clay oven
Keywords: cob; permaculture; natural design
Downloads: 458
[movies]Permaculture Design Course
When building your home, pay attention to its orientation. An ideal home should be protected against overhead sun during the summer and be oriented so that it gets low-angle sun in the winter. This is a good way to save money on your heating bill and will keep your home cool in the summer.
Keywords: energy; permaculture; permaculture design; permaculture design class; permaculture design course; green energy; solar energy
Downloads: 23
[audio]tecnoshamanism meeting - Aarhus - Dinamarc - technoshamanism meeting Aarhus - Dinamarc
presentation of ideas, projects, noise music, propositions in the second day of tecnoshamanism meeting in Aarhus Dinamarc;
Keywords: tecnomagic; technoshamanism; permaculture; homeless
Downloads: 7
[movies]Make your green marketing campaign more effective and profitable
Living Mandala professionals introduce you with new term of green marketing which is a popular catchphrase.
Keywords: Green Marketing; Permaculture Courses
Downloads: 301
[movies]Tips for Eco-friendly business
The purpose of green marketing is to make a green product so that it can be easy to recycle these products. Living Mandala is the option for getting maximum information about green marketing.
Keywords: Green Marketing; Permaculture Courses
Downloads: 265
[unknown]Wiki - editthisinfo_permaculture
editthisinfo_permaculture dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; editthisinfo_permaculture; editthisinfo_permaculture; unknowncopyright
Downloads: 1
[movies]Permaculture Design Class
http://www.permaculturedesigntraining.com/The world's first free online permaculture design course with Larry Korn. Learn permaculture from the world's top experts from the comfort of your own home.
Keywords: energy; permaculture; permaculture design; green energy; solar energy
Downloads: 65
[movies]PDC_enero2011_el_manzano_feedback_team - pachacutimedia
Reportaje con entrevistas al equipo de profesores, facilitadores y voluntarios del PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) de enero de 2011 realizado en la Ecoescuela el Manzano (Chile), con sus impresiones sobre su participación en el curso, el contenido, las clases, las dinamicas, los participantes...
Keywords: sustentabilidad; permacultura; agricultura; ecologica; permaculture
Downloads: 10
[audio]Middlewood Trust Forest Garden pt one - mickfuzz
Forest Garden pt one Information about potatoes and mulching, and the history of the forest garden at the top of the fa Middlewood Trust runs a study centre in North Lancashire, UK. It was established to promote environmental courses that would address the growing concern about long term damage to the environment.
Keywords: potatoes; permaculture; gardens; lancaster; middlewood
Downloads: 43
[audio]Staying Focused - Travis Warner
Staying Focused on the goal in times of frustrationGrowing Freedom Podcast
Keywords: permaculture; greenhouse; systems; goals; gardening
Downloads: 38
[audio]How To Build The Bridge - Travis Warner
Bridging communities and uniting peoples of different perspectives to create real positive change wanted be all.Growing Freedom Podcasthttp://www.growingfreedom.yolasite.com/
Keywords: permaculture; community; agriculture; rights; government
Downloads: 49
[audio]UMass Permaculture - Farm-to-fork (Valley Free Radio)
Our interview with members of UMass Permaculture
Keywords: UMass Permaculture; Farm-to-Fork
Downloads: 157
[audio]Dan Barber, "Natural Foie Gras And The Future Of Food". Twenty Eighth Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures, October 2008. - Schumacher Center for a New Economics
The Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures include some of the foremost voices on a new economics.“Who’s the farmer here, and who’s the chef?” This is the question Dan Barber asks himself after witnessing the production of natural foie gras. Normally the epitome of unnatural food, most foie gras is made by force-feeding geese copious amounts of grain in a process called gavage and slaughtering them while their livers are enlarged, fatty, and particularly delicious...
Keywords: Food; Agriculture; Permaculture; Sustainablity; Schumacher
Downloads: 5
[audio]Paul Wheaton Permaculture 030 movie review "Broken Limbs"
Duration: 46m 30s Paul and Jocelyn Campbell talk about the movie "Broken Limbs" Discussing the contrast between large and small agriculture. Topics include income scources, diversification, permaculture vs monocrops, Local vs. organic foods, direct sales, The triple bottom line, If this peaks you interest the movie is availble online Here
Keywords: permaculture; farm; apples; Paul wheaton
Downloads: 2,111
[audio]paul wheaton permaculture 029 Round Table at LaBiondo Farm - Paul Wheaton
While visiting Labiondo Farms On Vashon Island SW of Seattle. Paul has a round table discussion with: Cathy Fulton of Miraposa Gardens, Karen Biondo of LaBiondo Farm and kitchen, Michelle Pratt of Heart and Soil, Anna Olive, and Jamie who at 3 3/4 probably learned a couple words from Paul. Karen also has the keys to Sustainable Vashon's No Trash Bash Stash which may be the coolest party rescource ever...
Keywords: permaculture; farm; Vashon; Paul wheaton
Downloads: 2,043
[texts]Memoria_Xornadas_Terra_e_Cultura_Sustentable - Antonio Palma Rico
Memoria recopilación de las Xornadas Terrra e Cultura Sustentable, celebradas de octubre a diciembre de 2009 en Fogar do Santiso, organizadas por la Asociacion Cultural Os Ameios.
Keywords: sustentabilidad; permacultura; agricultura; ecologica; permaculture
Downloads: 87
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